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Interesting Temperatures (C)

-237.15 Absolute zero, coldest possible temperature

-236.1 cold side temperatures of Webb Space Telescope

-233 approximate temperature of Pluto

-157 dark side of International Space Station

-89.2 coldest temperature recorded by weather on earth

-40 Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same

-5 typical temperature for a snowstorm

0 water freezes

0-5 proper refrigerator range

10 below this is a risk of hypothermia

5-60 food bacteria danger zone

20-60 rapid food bacteria growth zone

75 bacteria destroyed

20-25 typical room temperature range

35-37 typical adult body temperature

35-40 max air temp a human can survive (depends on humidity and duration)

50 will burn to touch

57.7 hottest temperature recorded by weather on earth

50-60 common hot water tank temperature

121 sunny side of International Space Station

660 aluminum melting point (varies by alloy)

961 silver melting point

1084 copper melting point

1300 magma peak temperature

1670 titanium melting point

1500 approximate steel melting point (varies by alloy)

1625 candlelight color temperature

2930 “golden hour” color temperature

3500 oxygen-acetylene welding

4000 electric arc welding

5230 daylight color temperature

5778 sun’s surface